being seen

this is difficult.
you might be watching me now and i thought i could just nip this in without you realising but
you can follow this blog?
you recieve notification when i write something down that i feel?
i’m being seen?
in all my faults and foibles?
you can see me?
you hear me?
and you could judge me
(if you wanted to poison your self).
i’m scared of that
because i grew in this word believing i had to be all that you wanted and more
i created selves that would only repeat what would make the world turn harmoniously
and i only connected with those that would not bring threat to this happiness.
and oh how i nearly died a death of empytiness
of limited contortedness
disowned nonsense, unallowed lightfullness.
and now in awareness i sit standing basking in acceptance and honoured for showing my vunerability and ask you,
hear me, allow me, and i wish you choose wisely your response
for after all i am awakening just like you and as i open to knowing
i open to loving
i am still and know i am here
you choose
love is.


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