it is an interesting thing – our connection with our parentage.  looking at my family history I am able to gain a insight into a generational differences in spiritual practice.  I have a very personal experience of orthodox religion in this country, (I was raised in the church of engand) and see it visibly  becoming something of the past, modern individuals being drawn to thinking grounded in a universal consciousness.  I feel as we evolve away from a life of sustenance and are now moving through a time of indulgence and distraction, are needs from salvation are also evolving.  With the massive developments we have had in psychology in the last half century our awareness of the different parts of our operating systems make me feel we can no longer operate with belief systems that require fostering out our trust and faith.  There is a need to own our divine nature and recognise the power we hold within.  Here there becomes a recognition that the light is within us. Any other way of looking at the placement of the divine merely engenders guilt and thus fear,  becoming a tool of oppression.  Personally I find my mind quelled by the channeled text A Course in Miracles but I have an awareness that release comes from many different roads and there is just one goal – awakening from this hellish experience of illusionary seperation and remembering our oneness.  So within this knowing there is also a recognition that the process that orthodox religions like christianity use do bring a level of peace and awakening.  My feeling is that as they do not take ownership and believe in release only after death, there is a powerless engendered within the doctrine which creates dependency thus lacking inherent personal freedom and thus ultimately soulic healing.

My journey has been long and exhausting and as the light is creeps in to on my everyday living I am drawn to share my journey of awakening from this modern illusion into a place of acceptance, allowance and peace.  My writing allows me to share the process of letting go of attachments in this physical experience we have and the psychological battles we have on this path.  I am fascinated and exhilarated with this process and hope that my words are enlightening and enhancing of any experience you may be having in this maya we know as life.  I wish to honor all the parts of my experience for without this i have nothing to learn from.  I wish also this recognition for my words, knowing I am in process and i wish no ill.  Peace be with you and love and light to you which is yours.


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